Animator – Retina

RETINA tells the story of boy who is left blind and orphaned after an accident in the city.

Sent to live with his grandmother on an island he must re-build his world through his remaining senses.

short film by Ample Produce

Written & Directed by Darko Dragičević, Produced by Austin Stack

Soundtrack Composed By Markus Popp / Oval

Actors: Oisin O´Driscoll, Irene Wright, James Freeman, Robert Boyd & Niall Power

Director Of Photography: Felix Novo de Oliveira

Editor/Post-Production Supervisor: Austin Stack
Assistant Editor: Marta Malowańczyk

Sound: Nikki Moss

Animation Direction: S. Shan Blume
Animation / Illustration: Saana Inari, Hara Katsiki, Johannes Dumpe, Madeleine Boucher, Vadim Draempaehl, Timur Si-Qin,
Joffrey Jans, Tobias Arndt & Yann Günther

Art Direction: Jelena Cecovic
Set Design : Sarah Carroll
Costume Design: Eveline Erni

1st Assistant Director/Production Co-ordinator: Heiko Nemmert
Production Manager: Shah Besri

Tech Support – Ben Brix

Graphic Design: FUK Berlin –

Examples of my illustration work on the video: